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Could current technology allow the Antichrist to gain power over the whole world?

Ankerberg: Yeah. I’ll give you another outstanding figure that I found in doing the research for this program, and that is that we’ve just passed over the seven billion people in the world. And of the seven billion people, human beings that are here, that billion people already have cell phones and are using them. So, when you see people using their cell phones for financial transactions, or getting a text, or listening to music, or watching video, the fact is, the technology is already there and it’s in place. But this technology can be controlled. So, for example, in Egypt, in terms of the Internet, they shut the whole thing down when they didn’t want people to use it, when they didn’t want the wrong messages being conveyed. This can also be controlled.

And, again, when you have a cashless society, where we’re down to seven percent only using cash right now of all the transactions, again, the electronic controls of these kinds of financial transactions, we can see, we’re approaching the time that the Bible says a person can come on the world’s scene and have the power, have the institutions, that can control all this stuff. DeYoung: John, just a moment ago I said this control would be headquartered in the city of Babylon, the literal city of Babylon, on the shores of the Euphrates River, 58 miles out of downtown Bagdad. You quoted some of the activities going on in other parts of the world as it relates to electronic banking. Well, let me give you this bit of information. Prime Minister Netanyahu, he’s a graduate from M.I.T. with a PhD. The man is very technically savvy.

In fact, 40% of all the software in the world is created in Israel in what they call their mini, or their little Silicon Valley. Prime Minister Netanyahu, when he made statements about the rebuilding of war-torn Iraq, said that Iraq is putting in place a cutting edge, state of the art telecommunications system which he said could become for sure the Silicon Valley of the Middle East, maybe the Silicon Valley of the entire world. And when you think about the rebuilding of Iraq, and the oil supply needed in this world to keep the world going, the largest source of oil is under the ground there in Iraq. I’m simply saying the location where the Antichrist is going to rule this one world economy could be the most wired center for the world, the Silicon Valley of the world, and the richest nation of the world, with all this technology to be able to be put in place for the use of the Antichrist to accomplish what you’re talking about.


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