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How to Install Windows 95 on Modern Computers

Welcome back to the Adventure! this is Adam, and today we are exploring why some processor are just too fast for Windows 95 and how to fix it. We will get started right after this Windows 95 has two specific errors dealing with processors speeds higher than 350 MHz. The good news is both of these errors are fixable. The first error occurs with processors greater than 350 MHz. Microsoft released a patch for this error, Link will be in the description. The name for the patch is misleading, it is not just for AMD processors. It will work for Intel Pentium 4 processors as well. The problem with the patch is that it must be run from within Windows. When your system encounters this error, you will not be able to boot into Windows. This error will be displayed on the first reboot during the installation process.

Essentially we have a catch 22 The error itself is “While initializing device IOS: Windows Protection Error. You need to restart your computer.” The only way to fix this error is to take the files from amdk6upd.exe and put them in the right directory. a link will be in the description for an unofficial installer package that does this for you. The second error occurs with processors greater than GHz. According to Microsoft ” The timing calibration code in the Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) driver causes a divide by zero if the CPU runs at GHz or faster.

” and “Microsoft has no plans to make an update available for this problem because Windows 95 and Windows 98 are in the “non-supported” phase of the product lifecycle.” While Microsoft did not intend on releasing a fix for this issue they unknowingly did. This error is corrected by an updated file contained in the Dial-Up Networking Update for Windows 95. The same unofficial installer package I mentioned before also addresses this issue That concludes our look at why some processor are just too fast for Windows 95. Don’t forget to subscribe for more great content every Thursday. Thanks for stopping by. See you next video. .

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