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Map of Computer Science

We built computers to expand our brains originally scientists built computers to solve arithmetic but they turn out to be incredibly useful for many other things as well running the entire Internet lifelike graphics artificial brains or simulating the universe but amazingly all of it boils down to just flipping …

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How Computers Calculate – the ALU: Crash Course Computer Science #5

Hi, I’m Carrie Ann and this is Crash Course Computer Science. So last episode, we talked about how numbers can be represented in binary. Representing Like, 00101010 is 42 in decimal. Representing and storing numbers is an important function of a computer, but the real goal is computation, or manipulating …

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Introducing How Computers Work

Everywhere you look, computers are changing the world. Whether they’re on our desktops, in our homes, our pockets, or just about anywhere else. But while most of us use this revolutionary technology daily, we don’t often ask: “How do computers work?” In this series, you’re going to learn how computers …

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